Do You Really Know How to Write a Paper?

There is a big difference between writing a term paper and writing a short essay that contains some research, for the purpose of providing some supportive detail for a thesis statement. The most obvious differences are the breadth of topic, the amount of research required, and, of course, the length.

The essay is usually 5-6 paragraphs in length, and is meant to give a very brief coverage of a topic. Once may be asked, for example, to provide an opinion-based essay on the topic of abortion. In order to support your stand on the issue, you may need to provide some supporting detail that is research-based, but you will not necessarily have to cite the specific sources of your research in formal ways. The essay should contain a compelling introduction in which you state your stand on the topic, at least 3 body paragraphs that give reasons for your opinion, and a conclusion that re-states your position in a creative way.

Writing research paper works will entail significantly more research work and, of course, the final product will be pages long, dependent upon your instructor’s requirements. The same topic, abortion, will be presented with a great deal of research data to support your thesis, and that data will drive several sub-topics within your paper.

You will still begin to write paper works of this nature with a strong introductory paragraph that states your thesis. Let’s suppose you believe that abortion should remain a legal option for all. Your opening paragraph should include this position, but from there, the construction differs markedly from the basic essay.

Conducting the Research

You will want to find the most current research available, no matter what your topic. Most academics suggest that your research be no more than ten years old, unless, of course, you are going to be using primary sources that were written years ago. This is common when students produce research works in history, and other liberal arts subjects.

Accurate not-taking from each source is critical to the final production, because you will want to be able to cite each source for the information and/or date you include. The number of resources is usually designated by the instructor and will depend upon the topic and the depth of coverage required.

Organizing Your Research

This is a time-consuming process, but synthesizing all of the information into valid sub-topics is critical, if your final product is to be coherent and fluent.

Prepare Your Outline

Presenting your sub-topics in a logical order will require an outline to guide the writing. Each sub-topic should have its own heading, with the salient information you intend to include below it.

Rough Draft, Editing, Final Draft

Be certain that the piece you submit is NOT your first draft. You will need to revise and edit carefully, and be certain that all of you citations are accurately included.

Getting Some Help

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