The Analysis Essay – Looking at the Parts

The analysis essay is sometimes difficult to define.  In general, it involves breaking something down into its parts, studying those parts carefully, sometimes passing judgment, and then concluding with a personal response to what your analysis has demonstrated. This is not clear for students unless they are given specific examples.

Let’s look at process analysis essay writing as an example. The topic might be how a bill becomes a law in the United States. Most elementary children will state that it passes both houses of Congress and then the President signs it. Not quite!  The process itself is lengthy, complex, and fraught with numerous steps, involving “readings,” committees, amendments, floor votes, and then conference committees, dealing and compromising, and eventual passage through Congress. Process analysis essay writing will take each of these steps and analyze them, explaining what occurs, perhaps commenting on redundancy or the impact of the political atmosphere at the time. The conclusion may very well have you stating that the process could be made simpler and your suggestions for doing so.

A comparative analysis essay may have you comparing (or contrasting) mitosis and meiosis, democracy and fascism or early Greek tragedy with Shakespearian tragedy. This is a favorite assignment for many instructors. Again, you will need to break these things into parts and compare, part by part.  How does the “fatal flaw” in Greek tragedies compare to the “fatal flaw” in Shakespearian ones, for example? 

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