Writing a Reflective Essay – You Must be Introspective!

Many students come to us with the question, “What is a reflective essay?” Simply stated, it is a personal response to an experience, an event, something that has been read, or something that has been viewed or seen. As such, writing a reflective essay will not require research, other than a thorough thought process of one’s own reactions and responses to those events, experiences, and things read or seen. Thus, a book or movie review may, indeed, involve a response; attendance at a public event may involve an essay that discloses a personal response. Often, personal essays for admissions and scholarships will involve a reflection on one’s life experiences as they have shaped values and/or goals!

As you can see, a reflective essay is a broad category of writing. If you are unsure as to how to write a reflective essay, let us help you with some important tips:

  1.  Stay on topic. If your instructor has asked you to reflect on a specific reading or event, do not go off on a tangent in order to get your personal opinions and feelings on record. You must respond only to the subject at hand. If you are asked to respond to a Michael Moore article on health care (or his move on this subject), so not generalize it to you a treatise on health care in other nations! Stick to the topic at hand!
  2. Take each part of the experience, event, or thing read or viewed and reflect on it specifically. This will help you stay on topic and actually respond to the topic at hand.
  3. You need a thesis statement in the introduction that will help the reader to focus on your specific reflection. As well, the introduction must be compelling and engaging. Sometimes, beginning with a personal anecdote will accomplish this.
  4. The body of your reflective essay must address your reaction or response to each major portion of what you have experienced, read or seen. Look at the entire thing, then break it down into important sub-sections, and comment on each one of those in your body paragraphs.
  5. You conclusion should pull it all together and provide an overall response to your experience. Here, you may certainly add evaluative and/or judgmental comments, for you are allowed these in a reflective essay.

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