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Physics Coursework Sample

Substance is the concentration of certain phenomena in terms of different attributes. When observing different bodies, we find that they have a number of attributes. Some of these attributes may be consistent around the entire body of an object and can be easily duplicated.

In physics, an invariable attribute can be measured with a particular magnitude of such a material like how much matter is in a spot, what substances are entailed and the overall size or mass of the object. In a mechanical analysis of nature, the key property of a body is inertia, a value that relates to the property of matter. Material substance can be analyzed as matter and may be objective and independent from other items as they are explored.

The substance in this concept is the permanent aspect of a body. It may contain primary qualities that are objective as well as secondary qualities that may be subjective from a physical standpoint to create different sizes. Many physicists referred to primary qualities as objective in the seventeenth century. This was particularly the case for figures like Locke, Galileo and Descartes. Professor Lamprecht has stated, "Descartes and Locke used dualism in methodology to create a certain metaphysical dogma." Therefore, the concept of substance will mix together the Scholastic analysis of substance with a review of what makes primary and secondary qualities different from one another.

Material substance has been seen as independent from reality and will create aspects that the mind experiences. Material substances can create realistic reviews of invariable properties in certain bodies. This method of interpretation was used when creating theories relating to heat and electricity. Electricity, for instance, is indestructible and can cause electrical actions. Meanwhile, heat is also indestructible and can cause a feeling of hotness within the body. Heat is also the hypostatization of how warm thermal functions may be. The concept of heat was removed when the mechanical theory of heat was established.

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