• What can you do with an essay?

    Our goal is to help students with their essay writing activities. We know that it can be a challenge to write something, but a good research tool can help anyone get past certain obstacles when writing. We always custom write our cheap essays, so students can get what they need to get past certain troubles or challenges. Learn about our policies by checking the Terms and Conditions section of this site before you buy essay services from us.

  • Can you work with people online?

    While we have a full office in Toronto and a number of writers based in the Toronto area, we can take orders from any place in Canada, the United States and even in Europe. Our online service is available at all times so contact our office if you need essay help.

  • Should you order online or in person?

    You can choose either option for your custom essay depending on your needs. Moreover, you can order services from our website at any time of day to ensure that your request will be handled. We'll contact you if there are ever any questions about what needs to be done. You can also drop off physical materials that have to be used at our office during regular business hours if you are in the area.

  • Are you really expensive?

    Some cheap essay help companies may charge less, but they are not always suitable as they may not do well with creating good essays. Our writers are professionals who work hard to ensure they can be paid. All our writers care about quality over price and will work hard to create the best kind of essay you can buy.

  • Who writes here?

    Our custom project writers hold Masters or even higher degrees in different fields. They have been working in the industry for years and even have experience as teaching assistants. Thus, they understand how to write essays and what they need to do to make essays better. They especially enjoy helping people and are willing to work on papers before moving on to other things.

  • Is the service confidential?

    We will never share information about who we deal with when making custom essay projects to anyone. Check our Privacy Policy to learn more about how seriously we take the confidentiality of our projects.

  • What will you write for me?

    We can do anything from a research or academic standpoint. Contact us beforehand to see if we can write something specific for you. You can even contact us for help with getting an admission essay for a graduate program ready.

  • Can you take care of overnight projects?

    We prefer it when our customers give us a few days to work on online essay projects, but we can take care of overnight orders as well. Contact our website and place an order to do this. You can also call us yourself; we can contact you if you aren't able to reach us.