The Effect Essay – Can you Produce Good Essay Writing of this Type?

If you are familiar with a cause/effect essay, then you are halfway to understanding of effect essay writing. You will be given the “cause;” your assignment will be to accumulate the current and/or potential effects of that particular cause. Perhaps this is best explained by some specific examples.

  1.  The “cause” is current fed policy on interest rates. You may be asked to expound on the effects or potential effects on the domestic housing market, the availability of consumer credit, the impact on international trade, or investments in the bond market.
  2. The “cause” is current research and development in the area of cloning. What are the potential effects on the human race as a result of what science can now achieve?
  3. The “cause” is genetically modified foods. What are the impacts on world hunger and/or health concerns?
  4. The “cause” is the use of drones to engage in both international and domestic spying. What are the effects on personal liberties?

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