The Never-Ending Parade of Course Paper Assignments

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Let’s take a look at the required steps in the production of course papers. If you follow these steps, you are assured of improving your grades, for your final product will be reflective of a careful and thorough process.

  1. Determine the topic and do a bit of initial research. This will help you refine the topic further and develop and appropriate thesis statement.
  2. Conduct more thorough research if necessary. Take careful notes and be certain to note the source and page numbers of all information you intend to include in your paper.
  3. Prepare an outline – one that introduces the sub-topics in an organized manner. This will be the backbone for your actual writing, so be certain it includes all of the information, data, and points you intend to cover and the order in which they will be covered.
  4. Write you initial draft. Do not worry about grammar, punctuation, etc. during this first writing.  You are really focusing on the organization of your content.
  5. You are now ready for the revision(s), and there ay be several. Writing a college essay or paper that will earn a good grade means careful review and editing. Get away from it for a while and come back with a “fresh” outlook; give it to a friend to read, especially if you have one that has good grammar and composition skills; reading it aloud will often allow you to find errors in sentence structure.

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