The Concept Essay – It’s all about making the Abstract Concrete

Of all the types of essay writing, students tend to like the concept essay relatively well. The devil, however, is in the details, for a while it was thought to be about abstract terms like brotherhood, personal responsibility, boredom, justice, and such, writing a 5-6 paragraph essay explaining a concept is a bit more difficult than one might think. The other potential pitfall in these types of essay writing assignments is that one is often tempted to write a persuasive or argumentative essay, as opposed to an explanatory one. One might certainly have an opinion about what “justice” is, but the temptation is to run off on a tangent, speaking to the inequality of the justice system!

Topic Selection

If you are lucky enough not to have been assigned a specific concept for your essay writing, then you will have a wide range of possibilities for topics. It is much easier to write an essay on a topic you like, so pick a concept that excites you.  Remember, however, it has to be an abstract term, not something concrete. Your goal will be to describe the abstract term with enough concrete detail and examples so that the reader is left with a firm notion of an expanded definition. If you are “stuck” for a topic, you can always come to our online custom essay site and retrieve a list of topics for a concept essay paper.

Essay Development

A short brainstorming session will be in order as you begin to develop your essay. Think about examples of the term that you might be able to weave together.  Often an abstract term may have several facets, and you will want to touch on each of those. Think, for example about the Biblical concept of “Justice” – an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. Compare that to our contemporary system where the rule of law rather than the whims of people has transformed the concept. If you struggle with development, you can certainly buy an essay example at our site, for a cheap essay price, and have a model to assist you.


All types of essay writing require a bit of creativity in presentation. For a concept essay, you might want to use an anecdote in your introduction, to peek the interest of the reader and engage him/her in you topic. Then, you can develop your body paragraphs with concrete examples that help to explain the concept more fully. 

Essay Writing Help  

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