Effective Cause and Effect Essay Writing

If you receive an assignment to write a cause effect essay, and you have never produced one before, you might initially wonder what a cause and effect essay is. The easiest way to think about this type of essay is that you are trying to prove a relationship between two or more events, things, or conditions. For example, you did not study for a test, and, as a result you received a really low grade. The “cause” is your failure to study; the “effect” is the low grade. Now, things get a bit more complicated than just this simple relationship when topics are more complex. Think about World War II as an effect or a result of a specific cause. You really cannot, because there was not just a single cause for that or any other war.  And events of World War II then became the causes for ensuing events, such as the Cold War, the establishment of the state of Israel, and the organization of the United Nations.

The point in all of this discourse is to emphasize that, as you think about a topic for a cause and effect essay or paper, you will need to have a very clear understanding of multiple causes, multiple effects, and, as well, the chain of cause and effect relationships.

Choosing the Topic

As you think about potential topics, you may need to conduct some initial research. If the topic is too broad for the length limitation given, but you still have an interest in the topic, try to pick one cause of many that may have resulted in an effect. Or pick a single result from a cause that may have indeed many effects. Here are some relative narrow and “clean” topic examples:

  1. Natural selection as a cause of “super” roaches that cannot now be killed
  2. Unregulated mortgage lending as a cause of the 2008 financial crisis.
  3. Methods of raising cattle as a cause of global warming.
  4. Fear of being “primaried” as a cause of Republican opposition to immigration reform.

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Clearly State Your Thesis

Once the research is complete, you will develop your thesis statement, which is, of course that there is a direct relationship between the two events or phenomena and that you are going to prove it with the supporting detail you will be providing. 

Writing Tips

  1.  Stay on topic!
  2. Avoid vocabulary and technical terms that the reader may not understand
  3. Give your reasons for your position in descending order of important.

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